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Monday, May 23, 2011

Meal Plan Monday 5/23 ~ Real Housewives of New Jersey week!!

I got Teresa Giudice's new cookbook FABULICIOUS! and IT IS!!!!  We love Italian food here and I love how in her first book Skinny Italian she talks about how real Italian food isn't full of fat, cheeses, fried and generall fatty.  It is full of FRESH ingredients and healthy for you.  When her first book came out I think I cooked from it every night for 3 weeks and I actually LOST 5 lbs!!!  Eating pasta!!! Crazy!!!!   

This week all the recipes I am making come from her book.  I love getting new cookbooks and like to try out all the recipes deciding which we will make family favorites.

You can check out the book and all on Teresa's site: HERE  Her book is easy to find - Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target (I got mine at Target as they sell them 30% off cover price!)

Monday - Milania's Lasagna

Tuesday - Gabriella's Chicken Parmigiana

Wednesday - Steak Braciole Roll
                  Milania's marinara sauce with spaghetti

Thursday -  Real Housewife Rigatoni Bake

Friday - sometimes we go out, sometimes pizza night in, sometimes left overs :)

Be sure to check out other Menu's at Organizing Junkie's  Meal Plan Monday's    As usual I am linking up :)

What's on your menu this week?

Have a great week!!!!



Friday, May 6, 2011

I *heart* Coupons!!! Look at my 89% savings this week!!!!!

BOY oh BOY it was a CRAZY coupon week huh?  There were a TON of good deals to be had and I took advantage of MANY of them!!!  So much so my hubby is concerned!  LOL!!!! 

Luckily for me by my house there is literally 3 Walgreen's in 5 miles, a Walmart, a Target and a CVS!  Every day this week while I was out I popped in to one of them it seemed cashing in on the best deals of the week.

Look at my haul!!!  (now you can see hubby's concern! and ignore the messy homeschool bookshelf in the background - keepin' it real!)

My haul includes -

1 Charmin 9 pk
7 rolls of Bounty paper towels
1 Febreeze set and refresh
1 Airwick freshmatic
4 2 packs of magic erasers
2 soft scrub cleaners
4 soft srub sprays
3 bottles of dawn
2 bottles of whisk
2 bottles of purex
8 old spice body wash gift sets (includes one full size 16 oz bottle and an 8 oz bottle)
8 full size deodorants
4 travel size women's deodorants (were free and Sara likes that size for dance bag)
1 3 pk of zest soap
4 3 pk ivory soap
4 travel size toothpaste
8 full size toothpaste
7 bags of 75 count GUM flossers
4 schick hydro shave gel
4 gilette fusion razors
4 schick hydro razors
1 12pk men's disposable razors
13 packs women's disposable razors
4 Nivea sun kissed lotions
2 Nivea regular lotion
4 Nivea Men's body wash
4 Suave shampoo/conditioners
2 Pantene shampoo/conditioner
15 bottles Nivea body wash
8 bottles Right Guard body wash
2 pairs scissors
eyelash curler
gain fabric febreeze spray - travel size (love to keep in car!)

I  *think* that is it!!!  :)

I know you are wanting the TOTALS right?????  It's not all exciting like Extreme Couponing - not all free :(  I did get the Ivory soaps free, travel size deodorants and toothpastes free, the men's and women's Nivea body washes free (that was big deal last week but all my stores were out then), Right Guard men's body washes free and the tweezers free :)  LOVE FREE!!!!!!!!

Total OUT OF POCKET - $124.29
                       TAX - $29.64
CVS extra care bucks to use later (as cash) - $4
Walgreen's register rewards to use later (as cash) $16

SO TOTAL -----------  $64.65!!!!!!

Total Price of all items BEFORE coupons and sales - $640.06!!!!!

That is a savings of $575.41  or 89.89%   WOW!!!!!! 

Now some of you may ask WHY even spend the $65 if you don't NEED the stuff????  Well, we WILL need it!  I only buy stuff that we will use in our household.  I am just getting back to couponing and getting a stockpile started so my budget is a little higher than those you may read on other blogs or see on TV etc.   I looked at what we were spending which for our family of 6 pre-coupons it was not uncommon for me to spend $200 to $250  A WEEK at the store - that was food and formula and stuff for school lunches (yes I was lazy and alot of times would buy the prepackaged chips and such).   Sometimes that included diapers and cleaning stuff and soaps/shampoos/lotions and sometimes not.  There were still trips to Walgreen's, Target, Walmart,etc.   I wasn't super good about keeping track of it all.   So now we set a budget - I would like to spend $200 on EVERYTHING while building up the stockpile - that is food AND health and beauty and cleaning stuff.  This week with coupons my weekly food shopping bill was $104.60  add that to my $65 and you can see that I am actually UNDER budget but got A TON more stuff.  YEAH COUPONS!!!!!  And as you get a little inventory going you will find each week that amount goes down and down.  I have so much now as far as body washes, razors and such I can now be at that "cherry picking" stage and the couponers call it - which means I won't get them unless totally free and even then I may pass til the cycle through again and we use up some of what I got this week. 

Thanks to the coupon sites that make it sooo easy to keep track of deals, match up coupons and save money!  I love Krazy Coupon Lady, Hip 2 Save,Wild for Wags,Totally Targetand Couponing to Disney!

What did you score this week????

Happy Shopping!!!



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meal Plan Monday 4/25

Just an update that I am not posting Meal Plan Monday this week - I know BOOOOO!!!!!  :(  Last week I didn't do it as it was crazy here - visitors in town and things going on we were flying by the seat of our pants ;)  This week however I am on a decluttering the pantry mission!!!!  After watching some of those Extreme Couponing shows (yes some of those people may be a bit crazy but I *HEART* their storage systems!!!!) I feel I need more organization - I am dreaming of when we move out of our temp rental to a house where I can make my storage room :)  But for now I have a smallish pantry and right now I have things spilling out of it going day by day but trying to use up some of what we have - meals will be ...shall we say "CREATIVE" this week???  ;)  Will post if I come across any good recipes - off to browse my FAV site ....all recipes :) 

Don't forget to check out organizing junkie's Meal Plan Monday!!!!   Great Ideas!

What are you making this week???? 

Happy Cooking!
Have a great week!!!



$10 Coffee and Tea Basket ~ AWESOME Mother's Day Gift!!!!

Amazon has this awesome coffee and tea basket today for only $10!!!  Great Mother's Day gift!!!!  And if you are an Amazon Mom you get FREE Prime Shipping!!!!   WooHoo!!!!!

Happy Shopping!!!



Monday, April 25, 2011

$2 U Build Connect Four Game

Not sure if this is everywhere or what but our Walmart has the U Build Connect Four games for $5 - BUT it was NOT marked such!!!  I scanned it as they had no price point on the shelf.  Combine that with the $3 off Connect Four game coupon here  and it's $2!!!! 

Oh and don't forget to grab your mail in form to claim your coupon for a FREE Tombstone pizza for buying ANY Hasbro game!!!!

Happy Shopping!!!!



Shopping Deals from 4/25

Paid a grand total of $23.55 PLUS have $7 in Walgreen's Register Rewards for next time and a coupon to mail in for a FREE Tombstone Pizza coupon :)  WOOHOO!!!!!

I went to Walmart, Walgreen's and Target which luckily are all right here.

Walmart -

Connect game on clearance for $5 and had $3 off coupon from
Whisk detergent was $4.97 and had two $2 off coupons from
Sweet Relish was 98 cents and had two 55 cents off coupons from their website.
Snuggle was $1.87 and had two $1 off coupons from their site.

Target -

Scotch lint roller (great size for the car) $1.49 had $1 off coupon from scotch site.
Lysol wipes on sale for $2.19 and had $1.50 off coupon from "liking" Lysol on Facebook
Crest Kids on sale for $1.97 and had $1.00 off coupon from paper
Oral B toothbrush (battery kind - Sara HAD to have) on sale for $5.12 and had $3 off coupon from paper.

Walgreen's -

Splenda on sale for $2.99 each had 2 $3 off coupons from paper and 1 $1 off coupon from splenda's site AND got a $4 register reward so $2 MONEY MAKER - woohoo!!!!

Stayfree on sale for $2.99 and got $3 Register Reward so FREE!!!

Paper - nothing just needed - boo!!!!! :(

Clorox Clean up with Bleach - on sale for $2.50 each - used $2 off 2 Walgreen's coupon (in the monthly coupon book at the store) then stacked that with 2 $1 off Clorox coupons from liking them on Facebook so two bottles for $1!!!!!!  :)

Purex fabric softener - on sale for $3.99 and had $2 coupon from paper

Where do I get my coupons other than the paper some ask?  I follow these sites and they post links to the good deals - so THANK YOU to Krazy Coupon Lady , Hip 2 Save and Couponing to Disney  (there are alot of them out there - my checker at Walgreen's just told me about another one tonight! But those are my favs and who I get most of my deals through)

Happy Shopping!!!!